CP值超高 – Coping With Lack of Control in a Social World

書名:Coping With Lack of Control in a Social World,語言:英文,ISBN:9781138957923,作者:Bukowski, Marcin (EDT)/ Fritsche, Immo (EDT)/ Guinote, Ana (EDT)/ Kofta, Miroslaw (EDT),出版日期:2016/10/13,類別:心靈養生

This volume contains 13 chapters contributed by researchers from Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand, who examine the coping strategies used by people when they lose control in social contexts, such as ingroups, outgroups, friendship networks, social movements, and in terms of social inequality; the antecedents of control gains and losses in these social contexts; and how lacking control affects how people think, feel, and act. They emphasize the role of thinking about other people and oneself in relation to them as a way of dealing with lack of control, and they consider cognitive, emotional, and socio-behavioral reactions, with discussion of the educational context; socially grounded responses to control deprivation, including compensatory control or active coping; and how uncontrollability relates to issues of powerlessness and intergroup cognition in terms of outcome dependency, power, or economic and social status relations. Annotation ©2016 Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR (protoview.com)

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Coping With Lack of Control in a Social World